Artist: Yuna

Label: FADER Laber (US)


When Yuna joined FADER Laber in 2010, you know she’s going to be big. Yuna started out in Malaysia with her EP Yuna in 2008, and from there on, she has won a number of numerous awards. Being nominated for MTV Iggy’s Best New Band in the World (2011) is another stepping stone for her to conquer the world by storm. After the release of her US EP Decorate back in 2011, now she’s back with another US album, Yuna.

Yuna stayed with her pop roots and her soft vocals, she has taken her music to a whole new level. Combined with Pharell’s magic, this album is really worth listening too. Live Your Life, the first single of this album sends a message to people out there to reach your dreams and as you have heard it, live your life. Other catchy tunes such as Lullabies and Fading Flowers will be in everyone’s playlist in no time. Plug in your earphones and be swayed by Planes and Loud Noises, both of these tracks can take you to a whole new place and these are the tracks that you just might notice in TV series. Yuna is 100% easy on the ears and her Malaysian fans would find this US album of hers, another favourite, adding this to a collection of existing Yuna albums.

With brave experimentation of music paired with her down-to-earth personality and unique sense of fashion, Yuna will have the whole world in her hands. No wonder Russell Simmons is swept of his feet!

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