Buku Jalanan Kota Kinabalu

Buku Jalanan KK or Kota Kinabalu Street Library is an effort to encourage reading among the people in KK.

The idea of Buku Jalanan KK originated from Buku Jalanan Shah Alam (Facebook: Buku Jalanan) which shares similar goal; to have create a reading atmosphere without bureaucracy, from readers to readers. Inspired by the objectives, Sharifah took the same concept and organized the first ever street library at Tanjung Aru 1st Beach on the 29th of April 2012 with her partner.

Sharifah (right) and her partner.

Choosing the concept of laid back and relaxed atmosphere accompanied by art activities, it gives a sense of comfort and simplicity. As the saying goes, the beautiful things in life are the simple things that you can find.

Cosy reading environment that attracts visitors to sit and read while being serenaded by an indie band.

When asked where they get their books from, she answered that the books are from her and her partners’ private collection and those who wish to lend their books or other reading materials can do so as well.  The selections of books are unlimited, ranging from paperback fictions, fictions to magazines, all for the book worms out there to read. Buku Jalanan also sells ‘zines’ from independent publishers which content compromises of prose and poems by bloggers who wants to share their writing through a physical copy.

A wide range of books that visitors can choose from.

'Zines' that were sold: Senorita, Two Months and a Day and Si Kurung Putih by bloggers.

Aside from books, Buku Jalanan also gives chance to local indie singers or bands to showcase their music and perhaps spreading the influence of their music, though only one band was present that day which was Racun Kanser (Facebook: Racun Kanser).

The first time effort is something to be proud of. Encouraging people to read and opting a more urban and relaxed environment is very appealing and inviting. No doubt that this could open the eyes of local KK city people and perhaps, the whole of Sabah, the importance of reading and the beauty that comes out from it. Who knows one day, this effort in instilling reading would spark more Sabahans’ interest in writing.

As for the art activities (indie singers/bands/etc) this is just one of the ways where they can show the talent got.

Buku jalanan KK is held every fortnight and plans to have it in different locations around the district.  So if you want Buku Jalanan KK to come to your town or suggest a nice laid back spot to set up the library or want to lend your books do reach Buku Jalanan KK or you want to give your support, you can:

Like Buku Jalanan KK’s Facebook page: Buku Jalanan Kota Kinabalu

Follow on Twitter: @bukujalanankk

Or, send an e-mail at: bukujalanankk[at]gmail[dot]com

Those of you who are interested in having the book to read at home you can do so, but just make sure you return it. After all, it’s a library right?

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3 thoughts on “Buku Jalanan Kota Kinabalu

  1. Cuyung says:

    Unfortunately im not a book person heheee

  2. […] Buku Jalanan Kota Kinabalu or Kota Kinabalu Street Library is an effort to encourage reading among the people in KK. Read more about it here.  […]

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