The Upside Down House of Borneo

Why not spend your Saturdays with your family at the Upside Down House of Borneo or as Sabahans call it, Rumah Terbalik.

Rumah Terbalik

Located in the district of Tuaran which is around 45 minutes from the capitol city, this upside down house features the architecture of a traditional Sabahan home. What’s interesting is, the house has its’ own story to fascinate visitors, enabling them to imagine the scenario of ‘people’ residing in the house.

Apart from that, the hospitality of the employees are very pleasing. With a big smile welcoming you and your family and friends, you just can wait to get to see how it looks inside. The tour guides are very well trained and informative as well, briefing you and taking you for the tour with facts, scenarios and questions that just makes you go ‘ah, now I know’. And before we were allowed to enter, one of us was asked to knocked on the front door, which makes it kinda intriguing.

The tour guide; instead of wearing a sarong and a t-shirt which makes her look post-pregnancy, it would be great if she wears a kebaya top with atraditional Sabahan motifs and pants.

Unfortunately, we can’t take pictures inside the house. After tour, you proceed to the gift shop where they sell various Rumah Terbalik merchandises such as t-shirts and key chains and, local citizens get a 25% discount if I’m not mistaken. I got myself a key chain and a magnet as memorabilia.


Feeling thirsty? Go ahead to the cafe just beside the gift shop. But you can’t use the upside down loo though! Haha.

Entrance fee? RM 10 for adults (local) and RM 5 for children (local). If you’re a student and happen to have your student card with you, show it and you’ll get a discount.

And after the tour, you can go take pcitures of and upside down Kancil, pretending it would fall on you.

A bunch of friends that I went to Rumah Terbalik with.

So, if you’re planning on doing some light activity or sight seeing with your family and friends, this is one of the places in Sabah that you can go. Travel by car or you can use the bus though I don’t know which bus goes along that route.

For more information, you can go to Rumah Terbalik‘s;


Facebook: Rumah Terbalik

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2 thoughts on “The Upside Down House of Borneo

  1. Cuyung says:

    Mcm mgandung aaa haha

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