I still keep your underwear
With all you t-shirts unwashed in my closet
Because I miss your scent
Especially when you wake up the morning after

I never deleted many pictures of you in my gadgets
I go through them every night
Or when I’m bored
Or when I feel like I wanna get close to you
I guess I never get enough of you

Those gifts you gave on various occasions
They’re not in boxes
Never threw them away, I just couldn’t
Concert tickets, movie passes
Origamis, even the slightliest cuttings
You name it
They’re on my wall

You favourite color is purple with a hint of turquoise
You collect disco balls of various sizes
Because you like how they shine
You like to take candid close ups of me with your Polaroid
Laughing to how ridiculous I look
Dresses were never you thing
But I appreciate it when you wear one
Especially the dress you wear the night you sneaked out of your house
Do you remember that?
I learned you
You were my greatest lesson
Changed me in every way possible

I just wanna sit with you in a room and not have sex
Smiling with you and drowning in your eyes
Having that moment of silence so pure
I’d be very thankful
If I could have it back

There’s no more us when you told that we were over
But I just still can’t find the full stop
I can’t seem to move on
I don’t how should I star over
I’m lost.

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2 thoughts on “Ex

  1. ngiau says:

    be strong! i also can’t forget my ex 😦

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