Prapeni Thai

Before you go reading any further, I would like to apologize for the low quality pictures. I didn’t bring my high resolution camera so I settled with just my Blackberry.

Okay, here goes. Located at Kilometer 11, Jalan Putatan (the road that goes to Putatan from Petagas) is a Thai restaurant called Prapeni Thai (formerly known as D’ Pokok Cherry and I don’t even know why).

I know, it’s blurred! -_-‘

It’s quite popular among the locals who live around the area and from people others places just to get a taste of Thai food. Just imagine we (my dad and I) had to wait several minutes before we were seated because the restaurant was full.

The restaurant operators didn’t give any attention to the decor, it was a typical roadside Thai restaurant, kinda like those warungs in KL but at a much bigger scale.

For drinks, I intended to order something special, that’s unique to the restaurant, but unfortunately, there aren’t any. They serve the typical drinks such as juices, hot drinks and those carbonated ones. I ended up ordering a medium sized watermelon juice.

Watermelon Juice.

Like all other watermelon juice I tasted, of course it tasted like watermelon, except it was extra sweet. I tasted sugar more than the watermelon itself. Dad ordered his usual, coffee.

We ordered Seafood Tom Yam. I have to say that the taste is not quite bad. I expected the tom yam to have a thick flavour or soup and the intensity of the ingredients that usually overwhelmed me when I have my tom yam back at the place where I used to stay in KL. The tom yam served here in Prapeni Thai doesn’t have that think soup and it’s watery but the flavours are present! Yay! It’s spicy from the crush chilies, it has that tang from the lemon grass, lime leaf and lime juice, the sweetness of the onion and as how I love my tom yam, it has lots of seafood! Other restaurants that serves tom yam that I’ve been to have only tiny bits and pieces of seafood or chicken in a bowl of tom yam, but this, this bowl of tom yam would not disappoint you. It has lots of pieces of seafood.

Seafood Tom Yam.

Aside from the tom yam, we also had Chinese Broccoli with Salted Fish. It has taste that makes you go ‘oh, this is nice, this is good’ but the flavour of the salted fish wasn’t strong enough as I expected it to be, but it’s as I would say, bolehlah. Same goes with Ginger Beef, it doesn’t have that strong gingery taste that I was up for, but bolehlah.

Chinese Broccoli with Salted Fish and Ginger Beef.

Our meal, I would say was very satisfying. If you ever come here, I suggest, try the tom yam! Besides, what’s the point of going to a Thai restaurant if you don’t order a bowl of tom yam. Aside from tom yam, why don’t you try ‘Sup Gearbox‘ which is a cow’s feet soup, we wanted to but, we didn’t dare. LOL.

Sup Gearbox (source).

The Bill

Iced water? 30 cents? I know write. If it was for me, I gave it for free. But no fuss, instead of ordering iced water, just go have the ones in the water dispenser beside the counter, though self-service, it’s free, plus, you can refill your glass many times in case you bit the chili.

Want to try? Prapeni Thai is open everyday, and I assume it’s closed on public holidays, obviously, from (estimated) 2.00 pm till midnight. For daily operating hours click here or give Prapeni Thai a call at 088-763878. Packed mostly at dinner time, great place to have dinner with your family.

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4 thoughts on “Prapeni Thai

  1. cuyung says:

    yaii d mana ni ging.. sa baca roughly and tinguk gmbar sj haha

  2. Cuyung says:

    Gila mcm sadap tu tomyam sama tu sup uuuu laparrrr

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