Green Slime

While I was back in KL, I went to a book store and found a book about four ingredient recipe that only cost RM 30. There were lot’s of recipes in it but unfortunately, I didn’t get the book. Trying to compensate the regret of not getting that book, I Googled for four ingredient recipes. Why four ingredients? Well, as you all would probably know by now, I don’t have a chef’s background, and I don’t go into the kitchen and cook with my grandma like those kids in MasterChef did, so I thought, working with just four ingredients, would be a great start. So here’s the first of many four ingredient recipes that I found.

Green Slime! As seen on 4 Ingredients. It’s a very refreshing drink that you can serve on a hot day and, it’s easy to prepare. All you need is:


1. Five lychees with a half cup of syrup from the tin (RM 2.70).

2. 15 mint leaves (RM 1.20).

3. 1/2 a  cup of pineapple juice (RM 5.20).

And you also need ice cubes. The measurements are only for one serving. So if you intend to serve for four, the times the measurement with four, which I did. I bought all my ingredients at Merdeka Supermarket, Lido, Penampang. I went there because it’s the only place I know that would sell mint leaves. Oh yeah, the bill? Those three ingredients cost me RM 9.10.

Place all ingredients into a blender and blend together until the ice is completely crushed.


Voila! A refreshing drink under 1o minutes. Serve you Green Slime (I don’t really know why it’s called a Green Slime, but it’s damn delicious) in a cup with a straw.

If you’re thinking of saving it for later, shake before you drink. 😀


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