Vintage Rockstar

While some or most of us would’t ever think of the idea of wearing a shirt or a dress from a previous era, that old school fashion is making a comeback. With bold colours and patterns, wearing something that’s vintage speaks individuality and personality, aside from being brave of course. Some stores do offer these type of clothing we they reemerge all the patterns and colours incorporating it with modern cuttings.

But where is the authenticity and the uniqueness in that? So that’s why there’s Vintage Rockstar!

Founded in 2009, KL based Vintage Rockstar in an online blog shop that sells vintage clothing, vintage inspired clothing, preloved items, and collectibles, from dresses to bags, blouses to shoes, definitely for the ladies out there who hunts for one of a kind items that will turn heads around. Take a look at some of the items:

Soft Yellow Mustard Blazer

Navy Blue Blazer



So if you’re a girl that looks for uniqueness and individuality this is the spot for you. The design and details of the items are well captured, and the description of each items are clear as well, you can determine the size of the dress, shirt or whatever, because there are specific measurements given. That makes online shopping for clothes comforting right? You don’t have to wonder if a dress in size M and you’re wondering if it’ll fit you even though you’re a size M. Ordering instructions are simple and straight to the point. Oh, did I mention that Vintage Rockstar also sells books from the 60s? Check out Vintage Rockstar by liking its page on Facebook, or go check out its blog shop here.

Happy shopping.

All images are courtesy of Vintage Rockstar (Facebook & Blogger).

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