Halus Manis

Do any of you know what a halus manis is? To give you an idea of how it looks like, here’s a picture:

Halus Manis

Halus manis is a traditional sweet snack made from sugar cane. How it’s made, I have no idea. The texture of this snack is like a cotton candy except it has that slight coarseness and crunch when you take a bite. Unlike cotton candies which taste of artificial sweet flavour, halus manis taste naturally sweet.

I had my first taste of halus manis years ago, way back when I was still in primary school. Dad introduced this to us. Now, years later, I finally have a taste of it again.

I’m not really sure why it is called ‘halus manis‘. I guess the softness of the texture and the sweetness of it. For non-Malaysian readers out there (if any) halus means soft in Bahasa Melayu and manis means sweet. If any of you by any chance, know about this snack, the origins of it or any other names, do let me know.

Now, for those of you who just knew about this, you can have your dose of halus manis during the Sunday Gaya Street market. I didn’t took a picture of the booth because I forgot to, just in case you want to have some, it’s at a small booth right between two booths that sells t-shirts. Just walk from Fong Ip towards Alliance Bank, it’s before the water fountain.

A tin of halus manis cost RM 180, though I don’t know what size is the tin, must be pretty big. I guess it’s expensive because no one’s really produces halus manis these days and maybe it’s kinda hard to produce it. I  suppose so.

But, if you ain’t got any money with you, it’s packed in small packages like this:

Which cost RM 1 each, six for RM 5. So head on to Gaya Street next Sunday and get some! Yummy!

p/s: Gaya Street Rule: Wear your tourist costume. Wear light; singlets and shorts and flip flops. Go shirtless if you’re that confident. 😛

14 thoughts on “Halus Manis

  1. waahh. yummy! mau rasa someday.

  2. Hamyana says:

    Very nice to stumble across your blog! Are you the blue-white-stripe guy in Yuna’s MTV – Memo??

  3. Hamyana says:

    Btw I love this Halus Manis toooo. Gosh it was like decades ago I didn’t see any stalls selling them

    • Jesse Joy says:

      Well, you can get them at Gaya Street. Hahaha. 😀 Halus Manis brings back memories. haha

      • Hamyana says:

        Where was it??? WOO am I supposed to go to KL just to buy this Halus Manis?? Ahha. Later when I come back to Malaysia and find this in my hometown, I’ll update in my wp lol. Or else you buy them for me 😀

      • Jesse Joy says:

        Hahaha it’s in Sabah. haha. Come to KK and I’ll bring you the. hahah 😀

  4. dayz says:

    eh, masih ada? dulu saya cari tiada sudah. mau pegi lagi ni.

  5. Melvin says:

    I go Gaya street many times but cannot find this snack….where can I get it?

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