Angus, Himself

A. B. Hashim [RM 20.00]

Angus, Himself is about Angus living his life full of booze and sexual intercourse and making commitment. Lot’s of it. He doesn’t like big cities but comes occasionally to get a taste of it. Angus is a writer who is funny, honest, mysterious and you’ll definitely love him.

For those of you who are into dark comedies, this is the book for you. Published by Lejen Press, the book contains prose and poems that describes feelings perfectly well. Short stories about Angus from start to end, very simple but moving and it brings the story forward. Each chapter let’s you discover Angus in a whole new angle and thus, makes you like his character. Written in a simple and easy to understand English, it won’t be hard for you to imagine how Angus’s world is like.

My favourite quote ‘Be a man. That’s the least you can do. ‘Coz the hero spots are taken’. Nuff said. Definitely a great read.

Kudos to A.B. Hashim.

To get your copy of Angus, Himself, visit Lejen Press at Facebook  or Kedai Lejen.

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One thought on “Angus, Himself

  1. […] For your information, Timid is actually a sequel to A. B. Hashim’s first book, Angus, Himself whereby it tells the story of Angus, who loves between alcohol and women are in the same level, the book where he met Fay Reid. A book which also I did a review of. Check it out here. […]

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