The Meeting Pool: A Tale of Borneo

Now why don’t you lay down those books you see on the shelves of major bookstores and opt for something more local, more Borneo. Introducing, The Meeting Pool: A Tale of Borneo by Mervyn Skipper.

It is a story about a group of animals, living in Pulau Daat, setting up a plot against the White Men who are taking down their forest. With a surprising twist at the end, combined with characters each with their own personalities, filled with lessons for the young and old and beautiful illustrations, this book serves as a great read for those who wants to ‘get to know’ the animals of Borneo. I can see a 2D Disney production while reading it. It’s fun and you just can’t put it down.

“This children’s book is a very lively collection of animal stories told by the Borneo forest animals to one another as they gather at their meeting-pool in the evenings to plot a strategy to get rid of the White Man who is cutting down their forests to plant rubber trees. Though this book was first published in 1929 it reads like a book written in 2007, both in freshness and relevance (just substitute oil palms for rubber trees!). It is a delightful introduction to the animals of Borneo, enhanced by the beautiful line drawings.” – Natural History Publication (Borneo).

Go get yourself a copy at Borneo Books, BG 26, Ground Floor, Phase 2 Wisma Merdeka, 88800 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. That’s where I got mine.

Or you can always order online at Natural History Publications (Borneo), Amazon, or The Penang Bookshelf.

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