Flubuster Smoothie

We all had the day when we had a runny nose and then sneezing and then feeling very sick afterwards right? And we would check the medicine cabinet if there are any medicine that can instantly cure the flu. Every time that happens to me, I immediately take a pill of Clarinase. It works like magic. One pill and you’re good to go.

Okay, instead of those pills why not turn to something more natural, that me made it ourselves to at least, reduce the impact of the flu. Well, that sounds dramatic.

So here, it’s a recipe to bust the flu; Flubuster Smoothie as seen on 4 Ingredients. “This terrific smoothie has a triple dose of Vitamin C and perfect for those ‘feeling-lousy’ kind of days“. And all you need is,

1. One frozen banana, sliced (RM 1.70, Merdeka Supermarket)

2. A cup of fresh strawberries, halved (RM 14.80, Merdeka Supermarket)

3. 3/4 cup of diced pawpaw or, papaya (RM 3.00, CKS Supermarket, Donggongon)

4. Three oranges, juiced (RM 5.20, Merdeka Supermarket)

Preparing your smoothie is very easy. Just place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. And then serve.

Sometimes the orange juice can be sour, so add diluted sugar to balance out the sourness of the oranges. Or you can always substitute with a ready-made orange juice if you don’t want to trouble yourself.


p/s: To those of you who never been to Merdeka Supermarket, click here for directions.

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