Of Preferences & Respect

While I was looking through some old DC comics at Amcorp Mall, PJ, the lady who sells these comics had a chat with one of her customers about how Drag Me To Hell was her favourite movie and watched it over a hundred times. 

In my head, ‘Drag Me To Hell?’

She added that she always screams when she watches the movie and would only watch it when she’s alone at home. The guy she told her story to was making the expression that I would make if I were him ‘Drag Me To Hell? It’s not scary at all. In fact, it’s silly’. He didn’t say much, he went, ‘oh, yeah, yeah, uh huh’ with the expression on his face I told you about. 

But the enthusiasm and eagerness in telling her story really hit me. 

I didn’t join the conversation but in my head was ‘Why are you being so judgemental? She likes the movie so much but you don’t. It’s a matter of preferences and you have to respect it. You can’t make everybody think alike’. That thought goes to the guy and also myself. Yes, I was quick to judge and I’m not very proud of that. 

You can see these kind of situation happen in your daily life. People speak up what’s in their mind, different from the other, argue and they fight. Respect was not included in the equation. Listening as well. What happened? What could be achieved was a productive outcome but at the end of the day, both sides don’t benefit anything. 

Much can be achieved if people respect and listen to each others’ opinions and all this argument/fight can be prevented and we would all be in a healthy environment. 

If I was that guy, though I dislike the movie, I would say to that lady,

‘I’ve watched that movie and it wasn’t my favourite.
But by the way you told your story which sounds so exciting,
it made me want to watch the movie again. I’m going to grab a copy of it
and watch it at home’

Now that’s more like it. Who know’s the lady might be so flattered that she’ll give you a huge discount or even a free copy of Batman. So remember, listen and respect other people preferences, ideas, opinions, anything because more good will come out of it. 


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