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Title: Tabu
Author: Shaz Johar
Language: Malay
Publisher: Buku Fixi

According to the synopsis at the back of the paperback, Tabu is a story about Bibi, a full figured lady who has an African boyfried and a good life until one day, she’s set to unravel two mysteries; the death of her best friend Kim and the owner of the cell phone that she found.

The storyline sounds interesting to me. A voluptuous lady goes all Nancy Drew investigating and perhaps goes into action like, I don’t know, maybe Lisbeth Salander from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, finding the connection between the cell phone and her best friend’s death, a path chosen by a ‘big’ lady which is considered a taboo or out of the ordinary or uncommon. Yes, it does sound interesting.

And this is the point where I would go Randy Jackson and say ‘It was only okay for me, it didn’t have the moment that I expected (I’m expecting some boos now).

And yes, it wasn’t what I expected. The progression of the story is really slow *yawns*. The characters don’t develop and there wasn’t enough thrill and action. I would put it this way, poorly structured. It was just okay.

But don’t (seriously) take my word for it.

Grab yourself a copy and judge the book by yourself at Fixi’s online store (click here) or at your local bookstores.

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2 thoughts on “Tabu

    • Jesse Joy says:

      I know right! But it’s just my opinion. Try reading it. Maybe you won’t look it the way I did. Haha. Oh, now I remember, you don’t really read paperbacks right? hahaha ;p

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