Okay, have you ever heard zombie stories in Malaysia? Oh, I know, Mamat Khalid’s Zombi Kampung Pisang.

Nah, forget about that cause it’s my pleasure to welcome you to, Zombijaya!

[Source: Fixi’s Facebook page]
Writer: Adib Zaini
Based on the story from: MJ Woo
Illustration: Ho Sui-Jon
Language: Malay


It’s a story about five friends living their life in Kuala Lumpur, about to have a stable job, great career and a married life when zombie infections spread around the city. In fear for their safety and don’t want to be turned into a zombie, they ran for their lives to Putrajaya where Nipis (the main character) suggest that they would be safe there. Did they make it? Find out for yourself and enter Zombijaya.

With catchy storyline and each characters are carefully develop and you grow to like as the story proceeds added with subplots with messages of their own, Zombijaya is worth your time, worth your penny and entertaining as well. I finished 307 pages in just a day because I’m dying what to know what happens next. It’s thrilling and adventurous! Oh yeah, the illustrations are amazing!

And did you know that, Zombijaya has been adapted into a movie and will be released, well, actually I don’t know when it’ll be released. But, the adapted version of it is named KL Zombie (though, I prefer Zombijaya).

If you want to have zombies close at heart, Zombijaya is for you.

Zombie-fy yourself by purchasing Zombijaya at Fixi’s online store (click here) or grab it at your local book store, Popular (Palm Square) has it.

My only question now is, will there be Zombijaya 2.0?

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