Salad With Tarragon Dressing

Last Monday, my best friend, Kirby decided to spend the day at my house and his reason was, he wanted to eat. Yeap, he is a serious foodie like myself. While I was checking what stock do I have on my shelf and I found Tarragon vinegar and asked myself, what can I do with it since growing with up with eastern culture ( from etiquette, dressing to cooking) my mother (or anybody else who cooks in our kitchen) never use this kind of ingredient before. So if you’re wondering, what the heck is that bottle of tarragon vinegar doing on your shelf when nobody never used it before? Well, recently we (the family) went to the supermarket and I just randomly picked the ingredients that I heard from the cooking channel and the fact that I’m not paying for the groceries. ;p

So what to do with tarragon vinegar? Lot’s actually and one of them is Salad With Tarragon Dressing (as seen on Cooks).

1. Half a cup of olive oil (RM 26.90, Merdeka Supermarket).
Don’t be surprised by the price because olive oil tends to be pricey. There are various brands of olive oil available nowadays and each of them come with different prices. Some with over the top prices and some just suit with your budget.  

2. A tablespoon of chopped fresh tarragon (RM 2.70, Merdeka Supermarket).
I realize the fact that fresh herbs are just hard to come by in KK, sometimes the store have it, sometimes don’t. I felt lucky on the day I went to the supermarket with Kirby,  fresh tarragon was available. But if it’s not, substitute it with a tablespoon of dried tarragon. 

3. Three tablespoons of Dijon mustard (RM 10.30, Merdeka Supermarket).

4. A tablespoon of tarragon vinegar (RM 11.90, Merdeka Supermarket).
Can’t find tarragon vinegar? Then substitute it with cider vinegar.

5. A tablespoon of sugar (RM 2.30, any supermarket). 

6. Grated Anchor cheese (RM 6.30, Merdeka Supermarket).
In the recipe stated on the website, it uses two and a half ounce of crumbled Feta cheese. But Feta cheese is so expensive because I’m the one who’s paying for the grocery that day so I changed to Anchor cheese. In my opinion, using cheese is optional. The salad taste great even without the cheese. 

7. Six slices of bacon, crisply cooked and crumbled (RM 8.30, City Grocer, Suria Sabah).
Bacon is pork and I understand that some of you out there can’t eat pork. But no worries, you can change bacon with chicken fillet. Just grill the chicken, let it cool and cut into small pieces. Plus, chicken fillet are not as pricey as bacon. 

8. Lettuce Butterhead (RM 8.90, City Grocer, Suria Sabah).
The recipe uses torn spinach but even spinach is hard to come by at the supermarket. According to Kirby, usually you can get spinach  from the market, but using lettuce butterhead is fine. Taste equally great! 

The bill: RM 77.60. I know the *gasp*came. I know that some of the items are pricey like the vinegar, olive oil and mustard but that’s because all of the items are imported, hence the pricey price. But don’t let it be a setback for you to try out a new dish and be a smart shopper instead. There are other brands of the items you need and as I’ve said before, it comes with a different price, pick the items that suits your budget. And some items are already available in your kitchen like chicken, sugar and olive oil, which I always have in my kitchen, and that should be able to cut cost. So, no worries yeah. 🙂

Now let’s prepare the dressing. Mix the olive oil, Dijon mustard, tarragon vinegar, fresh tarragon and sugar together in your mixing bowl. Refrigerate to blend the taste.

Then for the salad, arrange the lettuce in a salab bowl, sprinkle with bacon and cheese.

And serve with the dressing. Yummy! You can taste all the ingredients when you take a bite and the salad in crunchy! The taste reminds me of the salad I had in Carl’s Jr but this is even better! 😀 Try it for yourself!

p/s: You might be wondering that why in the world would I only served salad. Well no! Prepared other dishes and we were so bloated! I’m saving other recipes that I tried for my next post. But for now, salad it is.

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