Tanjung Aru Fried Chicken

As a kid, we always love it when our mums cook fried chicken for dinner. With just a simple marinade of curry, sometimes added with turmeric and a pinch of salt, deep fried, crispy on the outside but so tender in the inside made us all just wanting more.

Even the smell of the chicken frying made us can’t wait for dinner and as a kid, I remembered, when my mum or sister cooks fried chicken, I sneaked in pretend to look around and as quick as a fox, I grabbed a piece.

And when it comes to eating out, KFC seemed like the ultimate kids dinner. And KFC was just for special occasions like birthdays or small parties or when our parents finally agreed to take us to KFC on a weekday night.

But as we grow older, KFC is a common fast food. It wasn’t as exclusive as it was once when we’re kids.

Okay, stop the KFC story. What I meant to say is, isn’t there any fried chicken that makes us go ummpph?

Well, I’ve been around town and I assume we all know about the Uncle Bob franchise that we can see in the supermarket or in shopping malls where it would be a great snack especially that popcorn chicken.

And do you know that, locally, we have what we call Tanjung Aru Fried Chicken?

Okay I know I might exaggerate about this fried chicken and some of you might know about it already but, believe it or not, Tanjung Aru Friend Chicken is actually pretty tasty.

Tanjung Aru fried chicken is not a big restaurant, it’s just a small portable stall that operates near restaurants and supermarkets.

The menu includes, friend chicken of course, fish balls and ‘pedal’ (I don’t know the English word for it).

Let’s start with the fish balls which are my favourite. It’s only your deep fried fish ball that you yourself can get from the market and cook it at home but, it it’s marinated with some kind of Kentucky flour (which we can get from the supermarket) and the taste, well, somehow, I don’t have any explanation for the taste but it is definitely awesome!

Same goes to the ‘pedal’. My dad insisted me to try and I did, and it also became my favourite. My dad and I would buy it and eat in the car before we head home. Same as the fish balls, it’s marinated with Kentucky flour.

Now, the chicken. It may not be blended with secret herbs and spices like KFC but it’s definitely worth a try. I don’t dip the fish balls and ‘pedal’ in the chili sauce (which is also delicious, mild but delicious) because it don’t want the flavour of the Kentucky flour mixed with the chili but for the chicken, dip it in chili! It taste so good and it doesn’t feel weird when you eat it with rice cause I find eating KFC with plain rice just taste – erm – not right.

You got to try!

A skewer of fish balls or ‘pedal’ cost RM 1 each while the fried chicken cost RM 2.50.

Where? Chua Kah Seng supermarkets at Donggongon and Millenium and as the name suggest, Tanjung Aru. It’s at a Chinese restaurant (I forgot the name) but you can easily spot it. It’s on your right sight when you enter the town from the roundabout.

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