Break Fast at Red Box Ria

Tucked at the eight floor of KL’s Sogo is Red Box Ria, considered an entertainment gem to those students who want to have a good time with an incredibly affordable price. With quality service and excellent hospitality, this karaoke center also attracts people from all walks of life.

This is the place to escape from everyday’s hectic-ness and scream your lungs out to express what is suppressed inside you. Whether you love someone but don’t know how to say, or present that you can sing so well or unleash you alter ego, this is the place for you.

I know. Because I’ve been here many times.

So far, my experience with Red Box is always great. I never felt disappointed with the service. With responsible staff and freindly ambiance, this karaoke center felt ‘safe’ and comfortable.

From lunch to dinner, my taste buds tasted all the food served and the food were quite satisfying.

And yesterday which was on the 12th of July 2012, thanks to a great blogger friend of mine, Rayyan (check out his awesome blog at The Big Small Boy)  I had the privileged to have a taste of various traditional Malay dishes at Red Box Ria for its Ramadhan promotion.

Upon arriving at Red Box, I was greeted with friendly staffs at the registration counter and got a goodies bag that worth RM 25 each. It consist of a jersey t-shirt from Figos which I gave to my friend for his birthday (other than the fact that I don’t fit that jersey), a novel from Alaf 21 which I gave to a friend who’s obsessed with the Malay romance genre, RM 50 make up voucher from Cinema Secrets, Red Box vouchers and a CD from The Malayan, which I will do a review on it (wait for it).

Okay enough about the goodies bag. Before I take you to a culinary adventure, just let me share with you guys what happened. The food review kick started with a speech from Ms Valerie Choo, the managing director at Grand Surf Sdn. Bhd. on the promotions and activities conducted by Red Box.

There are three things which I like to highlight form her speech, firstly the Red Box Ria reward card. During the festive season from July to September Red Box Ria offers cash prizes and electrical appliances to its loyal customers. During the span of three months, visitors will be given a reward card whereby visitors have to collects five stamps and they are eligible to win. More info, go to Red Box Ria’s website.

Next is ‘We Care’ a CSR project in collaboration with The Malayan (who’s The Malayan? It’s a new band fronted by Andy from Flop Poppy). From may 1st until July 31st, a fund raising campaign themed ‘We Care’ under the Red Energy Charity Fund is held in all Red Box chains. Remember the goodies bag I mentioned? Well those goodies bag are for sell, RM 25 each whereby RM 10 from each bag sold will donated to single mothers and orphans. Now isn’t that great? You can help these people and at the same time, have loads of fun!

Last but not least, Red Box Ria traditional dishes promotion or commonly known as, food. Ramadhan is around the corner and Red Box Ria isn’t out of the list of places that serves traditional Malay dishes from only RM 37++/per person on weekdays. With different menus daily, you can indulge yourself with dishes such as sotong sambal petai, tempoyak ikan senangin and many more. Western dishes, appetizers and deserts are served as well.

The Malayan.

Here’s where the food review starts (finally!). Since it will be the Ramadhan month, the buffet area was decorated with elements of the festive season with the likes of Raya cards hanging from the ceiling with light green fabrics, the common colour for Ramadhan/Raya. There were bamboo lamps as well which would be really festive if it was lit up. I though that the decor could have been better. The mood was there but it didn’t brought much of the Ramadhan/Raya ambiance I was looking for. Perhaps, the management will go all out on the decorations when the Ramadhan is getting nearer (it’s next week!).

I mentioned that I had dinner in Red Box before so I skipped the dishes I had before.

First up is the Grilled Chicken with Tumeric Sauce.

At first glace, I though it was ‘ayam percik‘ but it isn’t. There’s this hint of mild sourness of the tamarind, blended well with the the turmeric. Well cooked, the flavours sipped in the meat and there’s a burst of flavour when you take a bite.

Chinese Broccoli with Salted Fish

 What? Kailan ikan masin? I know this is a common dish but it’s one of my favourite dish. I always get my dose of Chinese broccoli at the Malay stalls around the place I live. But the taste is inconsistent. Sometimes it’s starchy and sometimes you can’t taste the salted fish. I always prefer mine with lots of sweet onions with strong flavours of garlic and salted fish. Red Box Ria’s Chinese broccoli on the other hand, is opposite to my preference, lest garlic-ky and less salty. But despite that, it’s not bad at all. Perfect for those who are health conscious.

Sotong Masak Sambal Petai (Squid with Bitter Bean Sambal)

To be honest honest, I’m not a big fan bitter beans. Maybe it’s because I didn’t grew up with bitter dish in my diet. But I braced myself up and took a bite. To my surprised it wasn’t what I expected. I thought it would have that strong smell and strong taste. But it’s the opposite. I think next time, I would have more bitter beans.

Grilled Salmon with Cream Sauce

Salmon is always a favourite. I like mine juicy and fatty, drizzled with lemon juice. But the salmon dish is a bit dry though, it doesn’t have that juicy feel to it. But have it with the cream which tasted cheesy and garlicky and you’ll find out that despite the less juicy salmon meat, it;s actually a nice treat.

Kurma Lamb Ribs

It’s well cooked and very tender. It doesn’t have that nauseating taste ans smell of lamb meat.

Aside from the dishes I mentioned above,  there are other dishes as well such as the spaghetti Bolognese which was disappointing. Why? I tasted less meat or no meat at all and the tomato tasted so bland. And there’s the Kerabu Daging with soft and tender meat with burst of flavour, you should give it a try. Grilled salad, boiled quail eggs in Thousand Island sauce, ulam, tamarind & belacan sauces and many more. 


Kerabu Daging

Quail Eggs


Verdict, yes, my taste buds are satisfied with all the food served. The chefs did a good job in preparing in all the dishes, though there are some recipes that could be improved. The management staff were very nice and helpful, trained to offer good courtesy to customers. And if you’re looking for a place where you can have good food with entertainment, Red Box Ria is the place for you. With an affordable rate, this karaoke center is one of the must-go to break fast during Ramadhan.

Rate? I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

For more info log on to Red Box Ria’s website.

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