Brisik Ramadhan Cooking Preview

Ah, the fasting month is here, though not a Muslim myself, I felt the joy of the countdown to Raya. It’s the spirit of festive season that brings people together, like it brought my friends and me together. And another great thing is, the food! Any bazaar you go, the stretch of vendors selling ‘once a year’ delicacies makes your mouth water. Restaurants aren’t behind in offering great Ramadhan dishes as well.

And recently, I was invited to a food review at Brisik Restaurant.

Located at Jaya One, Brisik offers a mix of Sundanese and Siamese cuisine where the spiciness up North in Thailand collides with the slight sweetness of Indonesian dishes. With mixture of sweet leaves, galangal, lemon grass and few other ingredients makes the dishes in Brisik a rainbow of flavours when you taste them.

The interior concept of Brisik, as its name suggest, I expected it to be more of a traditional Indonesian ambiance with the smell of fragrance stick, gamelan music and decorated with items that represents Indonesian/Siamese cultural identities. But instead, it had contemporary setting whereby it combines modernity with hints of Indonesian crafts that you can see on the wall. I’m not sure of the standing lamps at the middle and at the side though, it looks very English and not much effort was put onto the center pieces which were only plastic roses. I like the green wall though. It felt very South East Asian to me.

Surprisingly, the plastic roses looked good in camera. Must be photogenic roses.

Outside, there were lot of palm trees which give a sense of a tropical feel and lamps (Western inspired lamps) were hanging on the ceiling. A suggestion perhaps, wooden birds nest! If much attention were put on the décor of the restaurant, it would leave a long lasting impression to the customers.

Let’s talk about the food. Brisik and My Little Wing organized a Ramadhan Cooking Preview at the restaurant and we all witnessed the chefs’ expertise in preparing several dished.

Simplot (info) and Heinz (info) were also part of the cooking demo whereby a couple of dishes were prepared using ingredients from both brands.

Hashbrown popcorns by Simplot were pre prepared and they looked delicious. It would be a great snack to watch a movie or when you have friends coming by and of course, they taste like potatoes. The popcorns were paired with a sauce prepared on the spot by one of the chefs.

The ingredients for the sauce is mayonnaise and tomato sauce from Heinz, which looked pleasing but at the back of my mind was, when you mixed mayonnaise with tomato sauce, it equals to Thousand Island sauce. I thought the chef would prepare something that’s not-your-everyday-sauce or the-sauce-that-you-can’t-get-on-the-shelves-of-your-grocer type. But nevertheless, it goes well with the hashbrown popcorns and the mayo and tomato sauce is a good example of simple sauces that one can prepare at home.

Next up is pasta. From the looks of it, the pasta was prepared with the usual ingredients such as olive oil, sweet onions and tomato paste, from of course, Heinz. The downside was the chef only used sausages which didn’t balance out the strong tomato taste.

There were also grilled beef cutlets and no doubt the tenderness of the beef is to die for. There’s the sweetness when I tasted the beef as well, maybe marinated with sweet soy sauce. Strong garlic taste was present as well as hints of chili. Verdict, it was just okay for me.

My favourite dish of the day was Satay Serai. Lemon grass wrapped with minced chicken or beef with ingredients that burst in your mouth and then grilled to perfection. This was the winner. An Indonesian cuisine that’s really worth your taste buds.

There were also steam boat and a variety of traditional pastries.

Overall, the occasion was lively with full participation of the guest and the organizer Ms. Hartina Arssid (thanks a lot for inviting) and the Brisik team kept us occupied with quizzes and giveaways.

For Brisik’s Ramadhan ensemble, it started on the 23rd of July until August 15th 2012. Called Juadah @ Maghrib, prices range from RM 45 nett for adults and children from 8 – 12 years of age will be charge at RM 22.50 nett each.

It’s a three course Ramadhan dinner that you can start off with grilled tofu or crackers or salads or others and head on to two main course meals that you can choose from. It’s either grilled fish and rice with lalapan or steamboat. End up with varieties of traditional pastries. Wash them down with Es Selasih or Es Cincau Soya.

Other dishes from Brisik with the likes of Crispy Prawns and Cuttle Fish, Crispy Spinach, Red Curry Chicken, Chicken Basil, Kerabu Pucuk Paku and many more.

To those of you who are on a crusade for a Ramadhan break fast dinner, Brisik is one of the place that you can consider. Located at 10-01 Palm square, Jaya One, it opens everyday from 10.30 am and closes at 10.30 pm.


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  1. Thanks Jesse for the great post much appreciated.

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