tim·id adj \ˈti-məd\

1. Lacking in courage or self-confidence <a timid person>

2. Lacking in boldness or determination <a timid policy>

Since Fay Reid left Angus to marry someone else, he exiles himself to a serene island enjoying himself with the company of alcohol and mother nature. There on, he met Beth. Both of them saved themselves from self destruction and loneliness and each found solace when they embrace each other with love.

The story line contradict itself contradicts with the title you see on the over of the page (don’t let the manuscript-like cover fool you to thinking that Timid is a ho-hum story) as the writer is brave enough to venture in something (considering the Malaysian society is deemed to have great connection with morals and  opting a religious way of life) that’s bold.

For your information, Timid is actually a sequel to A. B. Hashim’s first book, Angus, Himself whereby it tells the story of Angus, who loves between alcohol and women are in the same level, the book where he met Fay Reid. A book which also I did a review of. Check it out here.

The first part of Timid set in sandy beaches, crystal blue water and friendly sunshine where it puts you into a holiday mood especially if you are a part of society who works a lot and needs a vacation-oh-so-desperately. Think of Semporna. The writer dwells deeper into Angus’s character where he is a shattered writer trying to fill the gap with the essence of life, love. Until one day, he met Beth Fairhurst and from there one, it was a lot of kissing, pussy playing, jazz, alcohol and great hospitality. It seemed like happily ever after. Imagine Pure Shores by All Saints (which is one of the songs’ mostly 90s; that I recalled while reading Timid).

 The second part of this book sets in a city. Think of Kuala Lumpur in the 90s. Here, Angus reunited with Beth after he decided to spend his time alone on the island to write his book. And you know what happens between the guy who lives by the day and this girl who’s a lucky charm. Lot’s of kissing, pussy playing, jazz, alcohol and there are some acts of infidelity between Angus and an old friend.

Imagine it like it is Rihanna with his blond-blue-eyed British boyfriend in We Found Love.

 Will they tie-the-knot and settle down and have sex for more than five years on then they conceive? Figure out Angus yourself.

As for me, Timid is that one book that made me do that almost pervert-ish smirk when I read in public. It’s imaginative, especially those make love scene (like a subtle version of Fifty Shades of Grey minus BDSM, shackles and leather). I just wish, wish that there’d be a conflict between him and Beth. Love sometimes have to be on the rocks right? Like Lady Gaga said, Over The Edge. Or between them, it just haven’t. I’d give 3.8 out 5. Is there even a .8 in a book review.

Cross that out. I give it four. Because I like the fact that a Malay writer could be so imaginative and dared to explore sex in writing unlike those thick paperbacks with over the top covers whose story lines are monotone (you know what I mean). And also, for making Timid not so Malaysian’ but at the same it’s the Malaysian story that we seldom heard.

Fancy a copy of Timid? Buy online at Lejen Press.

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