Don’t Just Be A Talking Sabahan, Be A Sabahan In Action

I am sure all of you are aware that there’s been false remarks or accusations made on our beloved Sabah by some of our ignorant Malayan friends which has been going on form way back then, probably, since Facebook started.

The issue comes and goes. Someone post bad remarks, people screen capture them, find the culprit, loathe him/her and the issue dies until another one resurfaced like this one:

These remarks shape the minds who haven’t stepped on to Sabah and it gives the impression that Sabah is not what it seems to be like in those pictures, advertisements and articles.

Aside from that, it’s insulting to us Sabahans, we feel like we are looked down on, being the uncivilized people who still prefers tropical trees as means of shelter, which you and I know, not true.

That’s bad, I know. We have been tarnished and defamed. I understand the frustration and I admire this lady’s effort who made a police report regarding the negative remarks. And I do admire the Sabahan community as well who were concerned and voice out their opinion on that matter.

Yes, I admire your concern people, but aside from saying ‘nah, koto!’ or ‘padan muka dia‘ or other statements that condemns the persons that uses foul words and wrong accusations against Sabah, what have you done for Sabah?

What have you contribute to the society development of Sabahans? Did you help to raise awareness on issues concerning the people of Sabah and actually help to find solutions to these issues? Did you help to promote Sabah either in music, tourism, culture or anything that represents Sabah?

Or are you just being a Sabahan who knows to say things like the comments I read on the picture of the lady who made a police report about those negative remarks and never actually did anything for Sabah?

I’m not saying that you should be an ambassador for tourism, a politician, or an artist. It isn’t necessary for you to be all that to contribute to Sabah.

It’s the little things you do as yourself, as a citizen of Sabah that can help to shape Sabah especially the people, and when we do that, regardless of what people say about us, about Sabah, we know we’re better than that and those negative remarks, would not bother us at all.

You can pick up the empty bottle you see on the sidewalk and throw it in the bin; develop a habit of great courtesy; help the old grandma cross the road; listen to Sabahan songs; read to Sabahan publications; watch short films by Sabahan filmakers; go support any event that’s beneficial to Sabah, visit the places in Sabah and tell the whole world about it and lots more. It sets a positive example and people will eventually follow suit and thus, that would help Sabahans grow in to a more respected society. Ain’t that awesome?

Ah, you might think now that the guy who wrote this is also a ‘talking Sabahan’ and doesn’t really do as what he wrote. Well, if you ask me what I’m doing, I do have in mind what I want to do for Sabah, but for now, I’m keeping to myself as I believe I still have a lot more to learn and when the time comes, I’ll definitely pour my heart and soul for Sabah.

So Sabahans, don’t just be a talking Sabahan, be a Sabahan in action.

In the mean time, while you’re thinking of how to be a Sabahan in action, take a look of this video of Red Hong, a Sabahan born artist who likes to paint, but not with a paintbrush, to aspire you.

Or, read this article on How to Love Your Country. Cross out that country and replace it with state.

“I’m a Malaysian, but Sabahan at heart”.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Just Be A Talking Sabahan, Be A Sabahan In Action

  1. Nadira Ilana says:

    Why should we admire the woman who made a police report against the FB post? Whatever happened to democracy or freedom of speech?

    If the poster says she doesn’t like Sabah then biar lah. I know what she’s saying is untrue. I think it’s ridiculous that police have to take reports every time someone gets their feelings hurt. Sticks and stones. Sabahans should have some pride and ignore her rather than get upset over something so trivial. There are far more important things to attend to out there.

    • Jesse Joy says:

      Hi Nadira,

      That girl has every right to channel her dissatisfaction and dislikes she has on Sabah, but the way she put it made the people upset. She can publish negative remarks on Sabah but her choice of words has to be smart. Words that gives Sabahan a food for thought, not provoking them.

      I do agree with you that Sabahan should have some pride rather that getting upset because when Sabahan gives into something as such, it takes them to the same level as the girl who made the statement.

      Regarding admiration, it’s ones on decision to admire or not disagree with what the woman did. As for me, I admire that she has the effort and does something about it, though, I’m not fond of her action of reporting the matter to the police which I also find, ridiculous.

      By the way, thanks for reading. Cheers. 🙂

      • Nadira Ilana says:

        To praise someone for taking another person to court based on mere words is two steps back for democracy in Sabah. It violates freedom of speech and it supports Section 114a of the Evidence Act.

        I don’t think the woman who placed the police report should be praised at all. That’s not how a forward thinking Sabahans should take action. We have bigger fish to fry.

  2. jefferi78 says:

    if that lady really care for sabahan pride, she should go and advocate the orang asal issue. help as much as she can to spread the message across. i knew that she is an artist by part time and have a good intention to help her fellow artist, but using this girl immature statement to get attention is nothing to be proud or admire of.

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