Here’s the thing, I’m not a big fan of cheese cakes because I prefer my cheese on pizzas, pastas or burgers. I don’t know about you but that’s how I feel about cheeses.

But, Johan (Twitter: @johan_leong), a friend of mine gave me a simple Oreo Cheese Cake recipe which doesn’t require baking and I am tempted to try.

Now before you go grab your mixing bowl, go to your nearest grocery store and grab these ingredients.


1) Marie Biscuits
Or any other biscuits that you prefer. Blend until smooth.

2) Butter
Unsalted or not, it’s your preference. I used salted butter cause that’s the only butter I have in my fridge.


1) Oreo Cookies
Cream removed and cookies crushed, like the crushed Oreo you used to make McFlurry at Mc Donalds.

2) Cream Cheese

3) Whipping Cream

4) Agar/Gelatin
I used agar because unless you go to a baking supplies shop, gelatin is hard to come by.

5) Condensed Milk
To sweeten things up. I guess, you can also use confectioner’s sugar.

You’ll notice that I didn’t put any measurements and that’s because, I didn’t get any measurements for this recipe. Johan told me that he ‘ikut kepuasan hati’ with the measurements and thus, I ‘ikut my kepuasan hati’ as well. And though the cake turned out to be delicious with the ‘ikut kepuasan hati’ measurements, I didn’t record them! Silly me.

Nevertheless, let’s make the cake!


1) Melt the butter in a saucepan.

2) Once the butter is melted, mix it with the blended biscuits.

3) Spread the mixture into a cake mold until in covers the base of the mold.

4) Refrigerate.


1) Take your mixer and beat whipping cream and cream cheese. Make sure both of the ingredients are in room temperature.

2) Boil the agar, once it’s boiling pour it into the mixture (I used half a glass). The reason for using agar is to make the cake firm.

3) Pour the condensed milk.

4) Add the crushed Oreo cookies and mix the ingredients with a spoon.

5) Take the cake mold which contains Ingredients A. Pour Ingredients B into the cake mold.

6) Refrigerate.

There you go! Wasn’t so hard right? Here’a a visual of how my cake looked like.

The mold I used was around 7 inches in diameter and 3 inches in height.

The mold I used was around 7 inches in diameter and 3 inches in height.

Here's the refrigerated cake out of the mold.

Here’s the refrigerated cake out of the mold.

Try it for yourself! 😉

Oreo Cheese Cake

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7 thoughts on “Oreo Cheese Cake

  1. wow! not bad! cantik pula? 😀 sadap ka j?

  2. Jesse Joy says:

    Sedap jugalah. Alah. Cam cheese cake yang lain – lain juga. Except this is Oreo. haha.

  3. sebenarnya bake punya lg sadap jess. Almost similar method, u put eggs instead of agar/gelatin. Then put inside oven for around 40mins at 170C. 🙂

    • Jesse Joy says:

      If I have an oven I’ll try. As of now, this is good enough. Lagipun, tidak banyak bah orang yang ada oven di rumah. So, I’m sharing this to my readers (kalau ada, haha) sebab senang bah. Tidak payah baking. Haha. Thanks again for the recipe. Hehe.

  4. Nice. I should try making this. Thanks for sharing the recipe. 🙂

  5. […] I fret no more as a good friend of mine Johan (@johan_leong), who gave me the Oreo Cheese Cake recipe I shared with you a couple of weeks ago gave me his Kek Batik recipe. He brought his Kek […]

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