101 Things To Do In KL (Part 1): Been There, Done That

Time Out KL magazine is really hard to come by in KK and I was devastated when I missed the March issue. So, I was determined to grab a copy on my KL trip this month.

I started reading TOKL while I was in KL for my studies and never stopped since. And though I don’t live in KL anymore (until further notice) I still keep reading TOKL. It’s one of the magazines that you could actually benefit from, if you know what I mean.

Time Out KL's 5th Anniversary Issue

Check out Time Out KL’s website at http://www.timeoutkl.com/

So, the April issue was about 101 Things To Do In KL, a list of various activities you can do in KL from food, art to playing the role of a tourist. I thought that while I’m in KL, I might as well do the things in the list. Though I was only in KL for six days (11th – 16th of April and most of the days I’m occupied with tidying up some loose ends and my convocation ceremony) I decided to challenge myself to do some of the things in the list. Doing all of them would mean that I need more time and, money. Haha.

Before I tell you my experience in doing some of the activities for the first time, I’m going to give you a ‘been there, done that’ session. What the heck is that? It’s basically the things in the list that I’ve already done.

11. Eat a sloppy Ramly burger by the roadside.

Ramly Burger

If you ever go hungry at night, you’re to lazy to cook and a Ramly burger stall is just a few walks from your apartment, then Ramly burger is the answer. Each stall has their own version of the Ramly burger. I’ve tasted a cili padi Ramly burger at Pandan Jaya, seasoned with curry powder Ramly burger at Taman Dato’ Senu and the kicap Maggie ones at KL Central. No matter where I get my Ramly burger I always ask for extra salad and unions.

Be amazed with the skillful hands of the cook. This one's at Jalan Tun Sambanthan, opposite the YMCA building. Starts flipping burgers when the Sun is down.

Be amazed with the skillful hands of the cook. This one’s at Jalan Tun Sambanthan, opposite the YMCA building. Starts flipping burgers when the Sun is down.

19. Hang out at a mamak joint at ungodly hours of the night.

A mamak joint is a place where to clear your head after a New Year’s party or, to calm down after the club you went suddenly got rushed by the police or, to chill, chat and talk bad about people or, a hard work paid off celebrations and etc. Well, at least, those were my experience hanging out at a mamak joint.You can have a sip of teh tarik and a plate of nasi lemak telur mata or roti telur or if you have ‘saka‘ living in you who needs to be fed 24/7  ask for maggie goreng or nasi kandar.

20. Have nasi lemak bungkus with various side dishes at Nasi Lemak CT Garden.

I never got my nasi lemak bungkus at Nasi Lemak CT Garden before. But I did got my nasi lemak bungkus from the mak cik – mak cik or pak cik – pak cik or abang – abang at the roadside stalls and they never disappoint. I always prefer mine with sambal sotong and telur mata washed down with home made soy milk all that for only RM 4.50.

41. Channel your inner artsy fartsy at Urbanscapes.

I was lucky enough that I got free tickets to attend the 2011 Urbanscapes and I decided to make it an annual tradition. I had so much fun though I sweat a lot. Henry Golding even gave me a pair of flip flops which I forgot to get it autograph. And because I had so much fun, I made a video from all the pictures I took. Check it out:

Unfortunately, I didn’t attend last year’s Urbanscapes due to a busy schedule. Guess I wasn’t lucky enough last year.

64. Sing-off at KL’s best karaoke joints.


Red Box Ria, Sogo, KL.

What do you do when Red Box is only around ten minutes walk from your college? Skip class and karaoke of course! And I did that a lot. Red Box is one of the best place to sing your heart out for three hours. I sang until I lost my voice. My friends and I danced like we were bunch of crazy lunatics and shaked our hips to the sound of Inul’s Goyang Inul.

67. Brave a bustling Ramadhan bazaar.

It only comes once a year and you’ve have just got to savour it. Loads of delicious Malay dishes being sold up to the point where you have no idea on what to have. Well, at least that’s what I experienced while at the bazaar. Everything looks so good I was tempted to try.

70. Explore Kampung Baru, a village smack bang in the city centre.

Kampung Baru is also a heaven for food lovers. There’s a loads of restaurants that you can choose from. As for me, I can’t get the image of mee celup in one of the restaurants there, out of my mind. Its basically a noodle soup with ground ground nuts with your choice of beef or chicken or both.

Or, if you want another form of Kampung Baru experience, walk around the village, get lost, see some cool vintage houses and find your way back with your own guts. Believe me, I’ve done that and there’s actually a story behind it.

79. Score dusty first editions at Junk Book Store.


If it wasn’t for TOKL, I wouldn’t have known about Junk Book Store. Once I read it in the magazine, I immediately took a trip to the largest second hand book store in Malaysia and wrote my experience as well. I didn’t get any first editions during my first visit though. Instead, I bought myself Ira Levin’s Rosemary’s baby.

Then on last Monday (15th of April) I took another trip to Junk Book Store to get two more copies of Ira Levin’s books for only RM 23. Book lover or not, this is one of the place you should definitely visit when you’re in KL.


Best way to get to Junk Book Store is by foot. Drop down at Masjid Jamek LRT Station and walk to Jalan Tun H.S. Lee. Junk Book Store is just opposite Reggae Mansion.

91. Eat hawker fare without the mess at grime at Lot 10 Hutong.


If you always go to Bukit Bintang on your KL trip but never stepped into Lot 10’s Hutong, all I can say is, oh wait, can’t say anything, I’m speechless! You never been here?! Anyways, dishes ranging from the east to the west and there are loads to choose from. I for one always go two to three rounds around the food court before I decided on what to eat.


While you’re here, might as well have sushi which you can get from Isetan Food Market. Sushi prices drops 30% in the evening and as the night progresses, everything is half price. Good sushi for good value I say.

Salmon Oyako Don for only RM 5.95.

Salmon Oyako Don for only RM 5.95.

96. Hang literally, with Genting Skyway.

Genting Highlands is not really my kind of place for a holiday or a day trip but the Genting Skyway is another worthwhile experience. Be amazed with the lush tropical forest while you’re suspended in the air and pray that the cable doesn’t snap mid way. Just kidding.

Number 96 of 101 Things to do in KL marks the end of Part one of this topic. It was very exciting to do all the things above and for sure I’ll do them again on my next trip to KL. Except for number 96 of course.

To KK people,  KL isn’t just about shopping and good food. It’s more than that and there are lots of things and other forms of joy you can discover here. Just remember to get a copy of the magazine when you plan your next trip to KL. Hahaha.

10 things down, 91 to go. Stay tuned for Part 2 of 101 Thing To Do In KL: Things I Did For The First Time.

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