Kek Batik

During the month of Ramadhan, Kek Batik is one cake that I anticipated. I can’t how or when was the first time I had one but since then I became a huge fan. I’ve been to loads of different bazaars at different locations and it also meant that the Kek Batik at these different places doesn’t taste the same. Sometimes it’s good and at times it wasn’t sweet enough.

Now I fret no more as a good friend of mine Johan (@johan_leong), who gave me the Oreo Cheese Cake recipe I shared with you a couple of weeks ago gave me his Kek Batik recipe. He brought his Kek Batik during a reunion barbecue party at the beach and it was a hit! Everybody wanted to have a piece of it. I on the other hand had more than a piece of it. It was delicious.

So, grab your shopping bag and get these ingredients:

1. 1 pack of Baking Chocolate (around RM 5 – RM 7)
I’m not sure if the taste varies when you use different brands but as long as chocolaty, it’s fine with me.

2. Marie Biscuits (around RM 3 – RM 5)
Any brand would do. I used Tiger Marie Biscuits. Measurement depends on the chocolate sauce produced. 

3. 3 Eggs.

4. Condensed Milk (around RM 2 – RM 3)
To sweeten things up. If you want you cake to be sweeter, than add more. When I made it the first time, I made it extra sweet especially for my French uncle and his family for their farewell dinner party. The French have really sweet tooth. 

5. Milo (around RM 7 – RM 9 for a small pack)
I assume that Milo is a substitute to cocoa powder. Same as the condensed milk, you want more chocolaty taste, add more.  

6. A block of Butter (around RM 6 – RM 9)
I used 3/4 of the butter and I if feel that it’s not enough, I add the rest. Salted or unsalted, it’s your choice.


Now that you have all the ingredients, take your saucepan and…


1. Melt the butter in low heat. After a couple of minutes add in the chocolate.

2. After the chocolate melts, add the eggs and stir. The function of the eggs is to thicken the sauce. I guess.

3. Add Milo as much as you want. If you’re satisfied with the taste then add the condensed milk, as much as you want until you’re satisfied with the taste. If it still doesn’t your taste buds, add more!

4. Break the Marie biscuits add them to the sauce and stir.

5. Once everything is blended perfectly, turn off the heat and pour the mixture into a container or a cake mold.

6. Refrigerate.




I know it’s not a good shot of my Kek Batik but, it was a hit during the farewell dinner party! I don’t want to flatter myself but, it tasted nothing like all the Kek Batik I tasted before. This one had the smooth and rich texture. In other words, luxurious.

Thanks Johan for the recipe.

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