Sabah Food Industry Expo 2013 (#SFIE)

In conjunction with the Kota Kinabalu Food Fest, Discover Kota Kinabalu (previously known as Delicious Sabah) held the first Sabah Food Industry Expo at The Main Atrium, Suria Sabah on the 20th – 21st of April 2013.
The expo encouraged manufacturers, suppliers, local food producers and brands to commercialized their brand. It was also served as a platform for small and medium scale food producers and business to showcase and sell their products to the public and commercial operators.


Majulah Koko Tawau Sdn. Bhd., Kopi Ping Cafe and Pink Roses Cakes are among the exhibitors during the two day event. There were also many exciting activities that visitors participated just like Kopi Ping Cafe photo contest which an old uncle (and others) won an RM 20 voucher. Visit Kopi Ping’s Facebook page to check out the excitement on the uncle’s face.

Commercialized lihing by Lihing Nilyn.

Commercialized traditional rice wine by Lihing Nilyn.

The enthusiastic Kopi Ping Cafe's crew promoting the brand.

The enthusiastic Kopi Ping Cafe’s crew promoting the brand.

It was an eye opening and educational experience for me as I got to know that the food manufacturing industry in Sabah is indeed a blooming industry. These local brands/products should be commercialized as they have the potential to go far in exporting their brands/products to a whole new level. These entrepreneurs deserve our support as well, and buying their products, like how I spend on these products below, is one way to show your support.  :p


1, 2 and 6: Various juices from Nutrifres. RM 10 for 3.

3 and 4: Hoko Chocolate Spread and Mulberry Jam from Majulah Koko Tawau Sdn. Bhd. RM 6 each.

5: Bottled kopi ping by Kopi Ping Cafe for RM 2.50/per bottled. Perfect  balance between the coffee and milk.

Sabah Food Industry Expo or SFIE for short will be held annually and becoming the catalyst for Sabah’s food industry to produce quality products as well as becoming the main platform for Sabah food entrepreneurs their products at commercial level. Hopefully next year, more local food entrepreneurs will participate this event and gain more positive feedback/participation from visitors.

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