101 Things To In KL (Part 2): Things I Did for the First Time

Welcome people to Part 2 of 101 Things To Do In KL. This time its about the things I did for the first time. For those of you who’s missing out, check out Part 1 of this post, Been There, Done That.

Now before I tell you my experiences, there’s an (should I say) error I’d like to point out. *gasp*

As I was browsing through the cover story of Time Out KL’s (TOKL) April issue, which is the inspiration behind this post, I realized that I already did number 93, experience the good and ugly side of Changkat, Bukit Bintang. The ‘orang KL‘ in me says ‘gile ape duduk KL tak pernah gi Changkat? Less than 20 minutes (without the jam) jer kot dari rumah kau!‘. I swam in the pools at one of the condos, chill with my buddies at one of the clubs and have a roadside steam boat after a fun night.

Thus, add number 93 to the other 10 things I did in the the previous post, equals to 11. I did 11 things in the list and 90 to go!. Yes I know, I’m sorry. It’s my fault for not checking the list thoroughly. 😦

But no biggie. Now get your train tokens ready and drop down at Pasar Seni station cause the first thing I did in the list for the first time is…

88. Buy a keris at Central Market for self defense. 

Central Market is filled with handicrafts, souvenirs and traditional attires. It’s colorful ambiance makes the place lively and inviting.



It is here I bought my first keris for the purpose of, well, as number 88 says it, self defense. No matter how big or small you are or the fact that you are a professional martial artist, you’ve just got to be careful. You never know someone might abduct you and sell your kidneys at the black market. Err.

I bought a keris just because I can.

I bought a keris just because I can.

After you’re satisfied with your keris, you can have a happy meal at the second floor food court.



80. Seek other forms of joy at the old Sin Hua Bakery. 

Since I’m around the corner, I decided to stop by at the old bakery. It wasn’t that hard to find as I’ve strolled the streets of Chow Kit and Jalan Raja Laut before.


This old bakery sells your childhood biscuits that can trigger many fond memories and makes you relive the joy you had when you start to reminisce. Tsk!.




77. Navigate the back alleys of Petaling Street for a roadside haircut. 

I had no GPS to navigate. I even thought of buying a map (to tap into the tourist side of me) but I thought ‘screw it. I’m gonna get lost anyways. And yes I was lost but I didn’t mind. I like strolling the streets of KL looking at stuff, old buildings and people. It’s all part of the experience of being in KL.

While constantly wiping sweat off my forehead, finally, I found it! The roadside barbershop.



I was so ready to get myself a buzz cut and thought that it was going to be so cool to get a roadside haircut. Unfortunately, I was denied a haircut. Can you imagine, denied! It was like the word denied in shouting capitals was stamped onto my forehead in red. The uncle merely said that I was too young to get my haircut there. Pfft!

I was devastated and heartbroken. I walked many miles (exaggerating) uncle. Many miles just to get a cool roadside haircut.

So what does a young, devastated and brokenhearted dude gotta do when he was denied a haircut? Drag his ass to an Indian barbershop (another thing to do in KL)!. And the best part is, you get your shoulders massage and your neck ‘cracked’, which is always a scary experience for me but the sensation is freaking undeniable.

Or, go to Joe’s Barber Shop at SS15, Subang Jaya (another thing to do in KL) with hip hop tunes blaring from the speakers in the background. Joe’s Barber Shop brings out the hombre in you.

p/s: I know the uncle didn’t cut my hair but number 77 counts. I didn’t get myself lost and sweat for nothing. ;p 


43. Decipher social commentary from the graffiti in KL. 

I’m not going to say much, I’m just going to let you decipher the graffiti in KL, an expression from the graffiti artists that speaks today’s issues with these pictures. (Note: Pictures in number 43 are purposely edited differently making the colors pop to give you a worthwhile online deciphering experience. Hahaha!) 




No pun intended Yuna fans, but the the longer I decipher on this Yuna grafitti, the more I think Yuna looks like a man,

No pun intended Yuna fans, but the the longer I decipher on this Yuna grafitti, the more I think Yuna looks like a man.


Add them all up, 15 down 86 to go! But unfortunately, I’m not in KL to do the other 86 things in the list. Kinda sad really because I was so into completing the list but I couldn’t. Nevertheless, I would like to congratulate myself for my effort (self appreciation).

And according to TOKL, my score (15/101) gave me the rank of a ‘Tour Bus Traveller’. Which basically means that I ‘need to get off that tour bus and into a mamak’. Mamak? Been there, done that lah. I was hoping to get a score of 71 – 101 which gives the rank ‘King of the Coffee Shops’; a true KLite and comes with the offer of working for TOKL. *Perasan akan dapat kerja kat TOKL*

Eventually, I’ll raise my rank when I get to KL next time and do the rest of the things in the list. But before the times comes, I’m going to share with you Part 3 of this post. What Part 3? Yes, I’m making a trilogy people, and I hope Peter Jackson will do some Lord of the Rings magic with it. Just joking. But I’m serious about Part 3 though, where I’ll be sharing about the things that could be on the list.

Anyways, I would like to wish Time Out KL a fifth anniversary. Keep on doing the great job! And it’s not a birthday without presents as TOKL said on its Facebook page. Get a free download the digital version of TOKL’s April issue here.

For those of you who fancy a 101 Things To Do In KL challenge, checkout the app of the same name on TOKL’s Facebook page.

See you in Part 3.

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