Sabahan Independent Clothing Brands

The independent clothing scene in Malaysia has flourished and up until now, lots of inspiring brands have surfaced, bringing their best design to their fans or followers of street clothing. Abstrax Jingga and Rare Clothing have been in the business since 2008 and 2010 respectively and expanded their clothing line from just t-shirts to other merchandises such as shirts, caps and many more. Other examples would be Pestle & Mortar or Wolfgang. These brands put their names in the local street fashion scene and have been standing strong since.

Just recently, Abstrax Jingga participated the 2013 Streetwear Asia, Asia’s Premier Street & Urbanwear Trade Exhibition, November 14th – 16th at the Jakarta Convention Center.

There’s also The Garment made famous by Wak Doyok, the man with the preppy facial hair and who’s also the co-founder of the brand. Though only two designs released, The Garment has created a huge impact, bringing not only the t-shirts but also the culture or message that comes with it.

The influence of independent clothing movement have spread to The Land Below the Wind and had several Sabahan ‘indie-entrepreneurs’ rose up to the occasion to start their own brand. Some of these brands have been in the business for quite some time but perhaps maybe due to the lack of exposure and overshadowed by big brands in shopping malls, these brands are still under the radar. On the other hand, some brands do excel and have gained overseas customers. Either way, all these Sabahan brands have their own fans and followers.

Jesselton Eleven Clothing

Jesselton Eleven Clothing has been in the business since 2011 and have gained many fans on its’ Facebook page. Selling a wide range of Borneo themed t-shirts, you’re not only wearing a well designed t-shirt but making a statement when wearing it.

The Borneo Brotherhood II 


Vandalism Streetwear

With customers from within Malaysia and several countries in Europe, Vandalism Streetwear was established in August 2007. Getting influences from music, street cult and style makes Vandalism Streetwear more than just a clothing line but a lifestyle. Vandalism Streetwear aims to bring their t-shirt designs and expanding their products throughout Sabah.

Redman (Rapper / DJ / Producer / Actor) seen with Vandalism Streetwear’s t-shirt.


Last Bloodline 

The Ret Rock, Aylett and several other bands and individuals have been repping Last Bloodline t-shirts. Last Bloodline‘s mission is to bring high quality products with affordable prices. Established in 2009, Last Bloodline’s products range from t-shirts, tank tops, stickers, accessories and more.

LB’s Spade Shirt.


Jetsetters Clothing

There are also young brands like Jetsetters Clothing, a brand I started on my own. I started out with a bunch of pocket tees in August 2013. Its’ tag line ‘Ready, Jet Set, Fly’ means to have the ambition to soar and fly to reach your dreams and overcome the turbulence to achieve our dreams. These attributes are represented in the form of clothing inspired by art and initiative to create something new. Currently, I’m working on Jetsetters Clothing’s next design.

Jetsetters Clothing’s Animal Instinct Pocket Tees.


Legasi Clothing

Legasi Clothing (2013) also started out with a series of pocket tees. Just recently, Legasi Clothing participated in the 2013 Streetwear Asia, Asia’s Premier Street & Urbanwear Trade Exhibition, November 14th – 16th at the Jakarta Convention Center.

The presence of these local clothing brands brings variety in apparel choices here in Sabah. Now we do not only have those established international brands but also, these locally design t-shirts or, thrift store clothes (bundle). I wrote this blog post in hopes these local brands get the attention of Sabahans that they deserve, that they get more support and recognition from Sabahans especially, and be able to continue to grow regionally towards becoming internationally known.

Other brands to look out for:

Afraid Clothing

Comrade Streetwear

Mondo Borneo

Offers custom illustrations and unique t-shirts line.

Hokus Pokus 

Sandakan’s clothing brand established in 2012. Hokus Pokus aims to provide people with high quality clothing at affordable prices.


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