Skin Care: A Dude & His Experience

I’m not one of those guys who don’t pay  much attention when it comes to skin care. I don’t have a beauty regime where I have a whole set of skin care range. I only have a face wash and that’s it.

Just recently a friend of mine, Puteri, a beauty consultant who owns an online beauty shop gave me a sample of her home made ‘lulur kopi’ or coffee face mask/scrub and I decided to try and write my experience.

Wrapped in bubble wrap the ‘lulur came in a 200 – 300 ml bottle. Upon opening it, the smell of freshly brewed coffee filled the air and it was somehow therapeutic. I took more deep breaths and I realized that the smell reminded me of something – the smell of milk tea like the ones in Yoyo and Chat Time. I guess it’s probably the result of the mixture of the ingredients. Nevertheless, it’s still coffee.

IMG_7851 copy

At the time of writing my experience, I’ve used half of it.

Pure organic coffee, olive oil extract, Vitamin C & E and Manuka honey make up the ingredients. The coffee beans were grinded into small bits and mixed with the other ingredients into this dark, sweet smelling (or coffee smelling that is) paste.

Benefit & Application
“What are the benefits?” I asked. It gives you a glowing and healthy skin, unclogs pores and gets rid of dead skin cells which could make your skin fairer. “You can apply on your face or any part of your body you wish for two to three minutes and rinse” Puteri added.


My Experience & After Effects

It does really smell good so I decided to try it the night I got it; I applied on my face despite my facial hair. It was Movember so I had facial hair. I wet my face a little bit and applied over my face. The mixture felt cold against my skin. I waited several minutes before I rinsed it of by applying a bit of facial wash on my face, wet it a little and scrub it over my face. It became a facial scrub. The slight coarseness of the grounded coffee beans scrubbed against my skin felt good.

Dried my face and looked at the mirror and I felt fairer. The texture of my skin felt soft and sort of bouncy. The softness and the ‘bounciness’ of my skin lasted through the night. My cheeks felt like a baby’s butt. I can’t stop touching it. I guess that’s a sign of a healthy skin.

Even now as I’m writing this, my skin does feel soft. That’s the obvious effect. As for my skin being fairer, yes it did became fair but I wasn’t able to maintain the fairness. It’s, my fault though because, I spent my time under the Sun a lot without sun block thus, at the end of the day, my skin became dark.

Coffee facial became a ritual. I applied onto my face before I sleep. I think now my addiction to coffee isn’t only to drink it but to put it on my face as well. Gosh this ‘lulur’ smells so good.


Want coffee smeared over your face? Why don’t you make an order to Puteri at Gorgeous Damias Beauty’s Facebook page? Other products like the Flawless Set is a best seller as well. With great and convincing testimonials from customers, it’s no wonder her products are a hit.

Thanks Put!

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