New Year’s Resolution: The Never Ending Cycle

It’s the last month of the year and I’m sure most of us are anticipating for 2014 aside from Christmas. Come the 1st of January 2014, it’ll be a new beginning and a chance to start over as if being reborn into life, but with goals and aspirations.

Perhaps right now you’re thinking on what are your resolutions for next year as you are reading this post. Now is also a good time to reflect on 2013 – have we achieved what we are trying to achieve when we set our 2013 resolutions?

I started making New Year’s resolution when I was in primary school when the Malay Language teacher gave an assignment on ‘Azam Tahun Baru’. Since then, at the end of every year, I never failed to set my resolutions for the next years to come.

As the year goes by, to be honest, I don’t give much thought on any of the resolutions I made. “I’ll do it next year then” I said when August came. The cycle goes on and on and on. Many resolutions and many failed attempts.

Looking back, I asked myself what were my resolutions for 2013? I can’t remember if I made one at all. On last year’s New Year’s Eve I was barbecuing all night until the clock struck 12. I didn’t have any resolutions made in mind.

Being jobless for more than a year now, what have I achieve? I think my 2013 highlights would be graduating and be debt-free from my college and starting up my own independent clothing line. That’s about it. Do I want to set any resolutions for next year? I don’t think so.

I piled of all of my past resolutions I had in my head. Some I wrote on paper a couple of years back. With those unachieved resolutions, I have a debt that I owe to myself. A promise I made to myself that I’ve broke many times and I think it’s time to make it up.

Having resolutions or goals are not enough. They are dreams, and if we don’t work for them, they’ll be just dreams. And that is exactly what happened with all my past resolutions.

I guess to us, who are having a hard time realizing these resolutions; we need to keep reminding ourselves of what we are trying to achieve. Be resourceful in finding ways to overcome obstacles and achieve. Be strong, be fun, be crazy, don’t be afraid and meet new friends along the way.

I also think, what’s most important is, to share our resolutions with those we love and those we know who will continue to support us.

But, I’m pretty secretive when it comes to things like these. I’ll share one though:

In 2014, I want to go to the Sarawak Rain Forest World Music Festival which I really wanted to go since I was in high school.

What about you? Will you make resolutions for next year?

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