The Dancer

She danced gracefully to the strumming of the sape
Took steps so effortlessly as if walking on clouds
Mesmerizing are the angelic sways of her hands
I fell in love with her instantly
As she turned around and our eyes met

Her name was beautiful as the Moon
A pure soul, she emanated kindness
Spoke softly, her smile was priceless
I was speechless and in awe
Why have I never seen her before?

Little did I know, I wasn’t the only one
I pursued for her hand, so were other men
Played my cards carefully
For a love so true, I couldn’t afford to lose

I thought I had her
How could I not think as such,
When I really felt it inside?
I won, but not how I wanted
I lost, as her heart wasn’t mine

Just like the Moon who turned her darkness towards Earth
I let her go and she walked away
And at last she found her Sun
Together making an eclipse that forever lasts
Shining together creating wonders and beauty
As for I,
I could only watch her from far away.

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