Para Jamaludin’s Rupa Pura – Pura

The first time I met the author Para Jamaludin was around two – three years ago at an event where she performed her own song and instantly fell for the melody.

I’ve read some of her writings as well and find them to be sincere and unpretentious like those ‘penulis sajak moden’ wannabes who replace the word ‘boleh’ to the Indonesian word ‘bisa’ just to make a writing sound more poetic and expressive.

Her tweets are funny as well and I managed to make myself look like a lunatic when reading her hilarious updates on Twitter. Unfortunately I think, she deactivated her Twitter account and since then my timeline became a bit less entertaining.

Is Rupa Pura – Pura serves as a ‘pengubat rindu’ to her tweets? No lah. I’m not that creepy.

I received my copy of a pocket-sized Rupa Pura – Pura from Poket Press since early December and I took my time to finish it as I wanted to think about what every word meant.  

She crafted her words beautifully into riddles that only she knows the answers. Riddles that I was able to answer and some left me wondering. Her sentences go deep down the core that when deciphered, it’s as if treasures have been found and the passage to this woman’s heart and mind unravelled.

Oh, kiranya, Para Jamaludin, orangnya misteriuslah? Kakakaka.

No pun intended. My experience reading Rupa Pura – Pura would have been better though if it came with a CD of her song “erotica cinta itu yang kau lukiskan padaku, kalau layarkan kasih pada lautan itu.”

Ahh. Juara Lagu material no? Kakaka. 

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