Jetsetters Clothing

As much as I am excited to get Jetsetters Clothing back on track, I’m actually afraid and not feeling very confident about it. I’m afraid that I might go on doing the same thing again and not making any obvious progress. By the looks of it, I am doing the same things, same strategies. I’m repeating the things I did.

March. I told everyone that I would kick start things in March. The thing about that is, I spent more than three months doing nothing to come up with ways or strategies to do something different. It’s the second week of March and as I have said before, I’m heading towards the same direction which leads to nothing.

JCKK - Back on Track

Perhaps this is a failure and I hate to admit it. To be honest, the failure here is me and I still have hope that Jetsetters Clothing could work.

What happened to “overcoming the turbulence to achieve all you goals and dreams”? Honestly, I don’t know. Until I can get a breakthrough, Jetsetters Clothing will be where it is. Stagnant.

What do you think?

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