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Suicidal Tendencies Part I

Let me go into the darkest corner of the room, out of sight
Lie lifelessly in the emptiness and slowly die
Cause I’ve given up and lost the fight
I don’t bother to rise up and try

I want to disappear and leave no trace
Forgotten from existence, I’ve fallen from grace
I’m so tired, I’m driven into madness
Just let me die, in this darkness

Written on October 21st, 2014. 

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That’s How Much I Miss You

I put your picture as my wallpaper
Read your messages everyday
Giggle to the things reminded me of you
Recalling the tone of you voice
Sometimes mimicking how you speak
Looping your smile in my head
Rubbing my fingers as if I’m caressing your hair
Taking a deep breath to catch your scent

That’s how much I miss you

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A House Is Not A Home

A house is not a home
Because her heart turned to stone.

A house is not a home
Because she lost her cheerful tone.

A house is not a home
Because she is gloomy and all alone.

A house is not a home
Because she died inside and her spirit is gone.

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Puisi Satu Petang

In collaboration with Zine Satu Malam, Buka Jalanan Kota Kinabalu is organizing Puisi Satu Petang (Poetry at Twilight), a place where for writers or musicians to showcase their talent in writing or music.

This would be a perfect chance, a door to showcase the talent that you got and you can do it so many ways. You can recite poetry, a monologue or even play the guitar and sing. No worries, there’s no one to judge you. The aim is to discover new talents either in writing or music or even acting which you and I have never seen before and the works that these new talents have done, aside from bringing the confidence out of them.

There’s no big stage where it makes you have butterflies, moths or mosquitoes in your stomach. Similar to Buku Jalanan Kota Kinabalu’s, the setting would be at a laid – back and cozy environment. Look at the details below for time and venue or just refer to the poster above.

So, I urge, those of you, who have written prose, poetry, monologues or songs either in English or Bahasa and you want to share them,  don’t be afraid and don’t miss this opportunity to show what you got.

Present yourself;

At Tanjung Aru’s First Beach;

On the 13th of May 2012 (Sunday) from 3.30 pm to 6.00 pm. 

The poster says it all. So, once again don’t miss this opportunity and you can even bring you family and friends as well. See you there!

Buku Jalanan Kota Kinabalu or Kota Kinabalu Street Library is an effort to encourage reading among the people in KK. Read more about it here

For more information, do reach Buku Jalanan Kota Kinabalu at Facebook or Twitter. And you can reach Zine Satu Malam on Facebook or Twitter as well. 

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Angus, Himself

A. B. Hashim [RM 20.00]

Angus, Himself is about Angus living his life full of booze and sexual intercourse and making commitment. Lot’s of it. He doesn’t like big cities but comes occasionally to get a taste of it. Angus is a writer who is funny, honest, mysterious and you’ll definitely love him.

For those of you who are into dark comedies, this is the book for you. Published by Lejen Press, the book contains prose and poems that describes feelings perfectly well. Short stories about Angus from start to end, very simple but moving and it brings the story forward. Each chapter let’s you discover Angus in a whole new angle and thus, makes you like his character. Written in a simple and easy to understand English, it won’t be hard for you to imagine how Angus’s world is like.

My favourite quote ‘Be a man. That’s the least you can do. ‘Coz the hero spots are taken’. Nuff said. Definitely a great read.

Kudos to A.B. Hashim.

To get your copy of Angus, Himself, visit Lejen Press at Facebook  or Kedai Lejen.

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Akhir Jambatan Hujung Sana

aku bukan yang terbaik
tapi aku bukan yang corot
aku bukan yang pandai
tapi aku bukan yang bodoh
aku bukan yang berbakat
tapi aku bukan buta seni

aku masih menimba
dengan baldi di tangan aku

aku mula merangkak
sebelum aku boleh terbang
aku mula berlampin
sebelum aku berseluar
aku berkaki ayam
sebelum aku berselipar
aku memegang pensel kayu
sebelum memegang pen

aku mula dari mula
agar ku tak lupa asalku

dan tak ku kesah
jika perlu aku kembali merangkak
tidak ku peduli
kalau perlu aku berlampin kembali
tidakku hairan
jika harus aku berkaki ayam dan memijak tahi
akan aku selalu bersedia
memegang semula pensel kayu

semuanya kerana
akhir jambatan dihujung sana
jalannya tidak selalu sempurna
tetapi manisnya, kalah buah mangga

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You’re just a waste of my time
But still I bother waiting
You’re no use to talk to
But still I’m the one who starts the conversation
You’re using me
But still I’m willing to be your puppet
You don’t really care much for me
But still I’m crawling back to you

You’re a drug
And I am drugged.

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