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‘What’s going on’?

Well it’s like this, I wanted to make a change in terms of writing and I believe that it’s best to ditch the old blog ‘I Am Awesome’ and start a new one from scratch.

Sounds like a tough break up. So tell us a little bit more about ‘I Am Awesome’.

It’s where I share my thoughts on things I saw or heard or where I’ve been. It’s kinda like a (not so) personal stuff and experience that I shared with the whole world. But then again, isn’t that what’s blogging about?

Exactly. How does ‘What’s Going On?’ different from ‘I Am Awesome’?

Basically in it’s the same with ‘I Am Awesome’ where I share personal opinions but with ‘What’s Going On?’ I want to do more than that. I want people to have the knowledge or information about things for example where to go, how to get there and so on. And of course what’s going on around town, what’s cool and all that. You know what I mean. And, I’ll be sharing poetry, short stories etc. as well.

Yes we do. But aren’t these kind of blogs already exist?

Yeah and I do realize that. But I want to do it my own way and I want this blog to be sort of a one stop destination that you can get information about everything so that you don’t have to trouble yourself to find all the information by yourself. I’m trying to focus on my home-state but currently (at the time this article was written) I’m studying in Kuala Lumpur so right know things are going a little bit slow but I promise you it’ll rocks your socks off! 

What do you want to say to all your readers?

Thanks for reading and I really appreciate it and I hope you all enjoyed it. If there’s anything else that you would like to know or you have something that you would like to tell me, don’t hesitate to reach me here.




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